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Undeniably one of the finest Halloween one-shot scenarios for Call of Cthulhu, “The Dare” by Kevin Ross received a loving remaster and release by Sentinel Hill Press in 2020. There is much to be said about the merits of this 80s-based scenario, and some seasoned Keepers have already weighed in here and here. Ain’t Slayed Nobody produced a glorious actual play with a talented cast capturing the nostalgic magic encapsulated in the ultimate (and only) Kid-Cthulhu scenario. We intend to render some of our own opinions garnered by our recent playthroughs this October, but we would first like to offer some full-color maps of the Barnaker House interior for reference and play. Our exclusion of the attic is fully intentional, as we heavily improvised this location based on player choices (among other reasons), but we may add this in the future.  As always, we welcome comments and feedback. Happy Cthulhuween!

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Ground Floor
Ground Floor – Labeled
Second Floor – Player
Second Floor – Trap Doors
Second Floor – Labeled
Basement – Labeled
Tunnels with Key

1 thought on “Maps – The Dare

  1. Ozyo says:

    I’ve actually been looking for a solid CoC one-shot for a gap in our group’s regular programming and this one definitely looks like a good fit. I think the maps would add a lot to play too so many thanks for those!


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