Here at Prospero House Publishing, you will find original articles discussing the legendary campaign Masks of Nyarlathotep, and, more broadly, the publisher’s ideas about Keeping in Call of Cthulhu and playing large-scale campaigns. Through discussions, we will touch on myriad topics relating, but not limited to, game mastery, table running, Lovecraftian mythos, organizational frameworks, and relevant period history.

We hope to encourage the reticent Keeper to dive in and tackle this herculean undertaking. If your campaign is already underway or you’re an experienced Keeper looking to run this for the first (or tenth!) time, maybe we can make an already epic experience even more enjoyable for you and your players.

In our site’s early stage, we will be producing content approaching the campaign in a somewhat sequential fashion, focusing on Peru, New York, and London since this represents the typical campaign progression. We feel this approach will be most beneficial to new MoN Keepers. Once we have a fair collection of works on these 3 Chapters, you can expect regular releases discussing all aspects of the campaign. 

Ideally, as at the game table, the scope of topics here will expand based upon interest and engagement. Your feedback and comments are encouraged and appreciated as our collection of published works grows. If there is a topic in the later stages of the campaign you would like to see, reach out and we will do our best to provide something for you.  We are eager to see where this dark journey takes us.