Meet Your Publisher

Art by Giacomo Mascellani

The duties of overseeing this small, independent enterprise have been passed down through the decades to an assorted mix of charlatans, ne’er-do-wells, and ambitious picaros before landing squarely in my lap. Known simply to my friends as Doc, I have taken over this venture with the hope of restoring Prospero to the glory of its heyday, serving up a compelling array of delights to inspire, terrify, and entertain. While I have no formal training in this industry, I can offer a hodge-podge of talents and tools to tackle this endeavor and hopefully capture you, our prospective readers. 

Nearly three decades ago, my formative years were spent poring over the yet-to-be worn tomes and pamphlets revealing passages to new worlds. I passed my youth in the glittering skyscrapers ofNight City, the barren desert of Athas, and the neurotic corridors of theAlpha Complex, as among other sundry passages into our now ubiquitous popular worlds of fantasy and science-fiction.

Eventually, mundane responsibilities found me and yanked me from dim libraries and backrooms. My tabletop roaming quieted down and the rigorous churn of academic life captured much of my energy. Despite limited time for creative forays,  I discovered a fantastically dark refuge in Call of Cthulhu and its weird brethren. Brimming with ancient Lovecraftian secrets, death, and fear lurking in every tenebrous corner,  these settings offered endless fodder for willing explorers (and vice-versa!). I had found my home, even organized some failed expeditions against Nyarlathotep himself. 

Over a decade sped past before I could fully claw my way back to the table. But my time remained spare, and I needed to become more effective and organized than in those long-lost days of youth. In doing so, I finally succeeded in guiding dedicated players to overcome the Dark Schemes of Nyarlathotep and his loathsome minions. Truly a reward well worth working and waiting for, as well as repeating time and again. And now, finding myself at the helm of this storied publishing house, I shall attempt to organize my thoughts, experience, and encouragement for the benefit of our readers. 

Until they toss me out, you can expect to find me here at my crowded desk laboring to deliver you the very best works to inspire, thrill, and challenge. Through a bit of ink and sweat, I aim to do this humble institution’s most famed alumnus, rest his valiant, wandering soul, proud.

Some recent RPG projects:

Current Project: Deliver Us From Evil: a 1970s scenario for Call of Cthulhu