Chapter Inspiration – China

Investigators arriving in China discover a country undergoing an immense identity crisis as it transitions from its millennia-old dynastic system to roiling political instability, which will see intensifying clashes between nationalist and communist interests. The campaign action centers around Shanghai with a potential trip to Hong Kong to track down Roger Carlyle, as well as the chapter climax appropriately located on Penhew’s volcanic Grey Dragon Island. In the 1920s, Shanghai earned the monikers “the Pearl of the Orient,” and “the Paris of the East” with substantial industrial and financial interests from the West. The discrete American, British and French sectors interacted with thriving local criminal and political enterprises. This rich setting provides the Keeper with

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Mythos Tomes – Livre d’Ivon

If you wish to see some additional background information related to the Book of Eibon, as well as an aggregated presentation of each tome, proceed here.  Location:  Shrine to the Bloated Woman (China) Physical Description: Hand-written manuscript bound in royal blue shagreen (stingray leather) Author:  Attributed to Ivon le Grande, Sorcier de Hyperborée. French translation by Gaspar du Nord from prior Greek manuscript Publication History: A handwritten French translation of the Book of Eibon by Gaspar du Nord translated from the Greek version of the Book during the 13th century. Du Nord used a version acquired from his former master, Nathaire. Thirteen copies are known to exist, in partial and complete forms, including the Selections

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