Peru – Who is Jesse Hughes?

The two men leave the table and speak with the wait staff on the way out. Despite his hostile exterior, de Mendoza takes great care in escorting the wavering Larkin out of the restaurant and has an explosive outburst in Spanish when a server nearly strikes Larkin with a lofted tray of food.  Arthur addresses the table: “Odd, that man de Mendoza said nothing our entire meal, but when I just heard him speak…I’ve been in South America for a while now, he sounded nothing like any of the local accents. I do believe he sounds like a Castillian. I took Spanish lessons from one before traveling abroad…” “Trust me, there is more odd about

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Mythos Artifact – The Golden Mirror

  In addition to the piles of kharisiri treasure hidden underneath the ancient pyramid, your Investigators have the chance to acquire a potentially valuable Mythos artifact during the Peruvian Prologue. If your players can wrest the Golden Mirror from de Mendoza, they will have access to a useful foreshadowing device.  The Golden Mirror (Peru, p.64 & Artifacts, p.649) takes the form of a six-inch square solid gold Mask following a design similar to other artifacts found at Tiwanaku excavation sites. While the front depicts a face constructed of the typical Tiwanaku raised-block geometrical designs, the back reveals a highly polished, reflective surface that functions as a mirror. And a conduit to access dark visions and

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Peru – The Promise of Treasure

The conversation and introductions carry on briefly before the maitre’d interrupts the party to inform them that Mister Larkin and his other guests await them at their table in the dining room. The follows the staff across the tile floor, enjoying the smells of seafood and fried beef wafting from the heavy wooden tables. Thanks to the tall ceilings, the room feels open and inviting despite the dark wood. As the group approaches their table, they take note of three men. A thin almost forced smile passes across the face of a thin, pale man seated at the head of the table. He steadies himself as he rises and after brushing his greasy hair from

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Peru – A Party Forms

A Party Forms A faint coastal breeze stirs Lucia Fraschini’s hair, as she and John Sloane make their way along Lima’s newly paved streets from the Hotel Maury to Bar Cordano. Accustomed to a much faster pace, the young Italian grand prix sensation adjusts her brisk stride to accommodate her companion’s methodical limp. John had survived the Great War, but his patella had not, and relies on his bull-dog headed cane to maneuver down the crowded sidewalks, packed with vendors, sailors, and tourists. Since their meeting in Cuba, she had wryly enjoyed listening to her new friend’s boastful tales of glory. That and the excessive flattery the young dilettante lavished upon her after witnessing her

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Tip’s Cocktail Hour – Peru

A man should never face eldritch horrors without a drink in hand Or  What to order at the Bar Cordano in Lima I still remember the electric charge that ran up my spine while I read the newspaper article about Larkin’s Peruvian expedition. Everything about it appealed. A cynic might suggest that I just needed a way to put several thousand miles between me and the troubles piling up at home, but that’s not fair: this represented more than just an excuse to dodge a few subpoenas. For one thing, I’d always enjoyed overseas travel, and foreign watering holes in particular: there are few things in life more thrilling than walking into a new barroom,

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Fan Favorite NPCs – Trinidad Rizo

Intentionally crafted to go easy on Investigators, the Peru Prologue does serve up a particularly gruesome demise for at least one non-player character. Poor Trinidad Rizo, the industrious undergraduate assistant, lays critical groundwork for the Investigators. In exchange for her efforts, the campaign expects Señorita Rizo to meet her untimely, fat-ful demise (yes, he went there – Ed.) in a dank basement storeroom at the hands of Luis de Mendoza. At Prospero House, we believe in rewarding solid research work, so we would like to offer some suggestions to potentially get Trinidad a bit more Prologue face-time.  Though hard-working, Trinidad may occasionally sneak away from her books and artifacts to enjoy Lima’s nightlife. Consider introducing

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Jackson Elias – Your Quest Giver

GAME SPOILERS BELOW In taking on the incredible task of leading your players through the Masks of Nyarlathotep, you will be joined at its outset by a charming, worldly fellow, one Jackson Elias. Aside from the titular villain, no other character in the campaign can come close to the legendary fame and importance of the daring author. You will lean heavily on your faithful companion to put your players on the path to investigate the Carlyle expedition and unearth the cultists’ dire schemes. Through Jackson’s interactions and revelations, you will stimulate your player’s intrigue. And through his untimely demise, you will provide them with personal motivation to take up the investigative mantle while seeking vengeance.

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Puno – Peru Prologue’s Sidetrack

  The expedition to the ancient ruins in the Highlands will take the team through Puno where they will disembark from their motorized transport and begin their long trek into the mountains. The campaign book provides suggestions for interactions in Puno, which center around Jackson introducing them to Nayra, a wise-local woman. She can provide the Investigators with directions to the ancient ruins, as well as further reveal the nature of the kharisiri and their master, the Father of Maggots. Depending on the circumstances, your players may not need or choose to meet with her. In essence, Keepers may simply want to consider exploration of Puno a sidetrack to the chapter’s main event. By acknowledging

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Mythos Monsters – Kharisiri

The Peru Chapter offers a novel Mythos threat in the kharisiri, who serve as the “cultists” of the Nyarlathotep avatar, the Father of Maggots. Originally a small band of 16th-century Spanish explorers seeking plunder, these men attempted to loot the Andean pyramid imprisoning the Father,  broke the golden seal, exposed themselves to its infectious, burrowing larva, and transformed into the hungry, half-dead servants of Nyarlathotep. Before the arrival of Augustus Larkin, these fat-sucking Spanish vampires functioned more as mindless predatory servitors stalking the Andean highlands and providing their master with a steady stream of nutritious regurgitated adipose tissue; however, with the advent of a more intelligent Nyarlathotep agent, the kharisiri begin to expand their numbers

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Killing Time – Between Peru & NYC

With the Father of Maggots returned to his putrid quiescence and friendship blossoming with Jackson Elias, your Players may be ready to return to their own lives and personal adventures. At this juncture, Keepers will be confronted with the question of how to pass the time between Prologue and the New York Chapter. You will find a number of opportunities to consider here.  First and easiest, you can simply fast forward to the Jackson Elias telegram and New York, which will probably leave Keeper and players feeling unsatisfied. Instead, you can simply ask your players to provide an explanation of what they have been up to over the intervening years. You could even elicit this

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