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Mythos Tomes – The Black Rites

Location: Stored in an old shoebox beneath Janwillem Van Heuvelen’s bed in Cairo  (The Black Cat, sidetracks scenario). Physical Description: Ten fragile papyrus scrolls, handwritten in cramped Egyptian hieroglyphics. Author:  Luveh-Keraphf, High Priest of Bast. Researching the author reveals conflicting esoteric information about his role as an Atlantean priest alongside High Priest Klarkash-Ton, an alleged servant of Tsathoggua.  Publication History: 13th Dynasty Egypt (1786-1633 BCE), part of the larger collection entitled the Scroll of Bubastis. According to Egyptian scholars, most copies of the Scroll of Bubastis excluded the Black Rites, which were held in secret at the most closely guarded temples. Exceedingly rare and protected by modern worshippers of Bast. Rumors speak of a possible Greek translation, which may be held in

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Adding “The Auction” to Your Campaign

SPOILERS FOR “THE AUCTION” BELOW! Released in 1983, The Asylum & Other Tales contained a collection of seven adventures and opened with “The Auction” by Randy McCall. We love this classic scenario, as do many other Call of Cthulhu fans. The combination of the 40th Anniversary Call of Cthulhu Kickstarter and exquisite corresponding HPLHS prop set makes running “The Auction” even more appealing, and we feel it fits beautifully into a Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign either as a prelude adventure or as a compelling campaign-linked sidetrack. In addition, we offer a few suggestions to enliven the investigative trail for any run of this scenario. Prelude Scenario: Peru serves as a perfect jumping-off point for the

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Eye of Light & Darkness – MoN MacGuffin?

Even if you won’t be keeping score for your Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign, the Eye of Light and Darkness (EL&D) plays a critical role in disrupting the cultists’ efforts to open the Great Gate. This powerful warding spell relies upon clues scattered unevenly across the globe, and the impact of the spell in your campaign depends heavily upon your players’ destination choices. If your group travels to China initially they will rapidly uncover the entire truth about the ward; however, if they travel the conventional London-Egypt-Kenya route they will slowly uncover this end-stage element of the campaign all while lugging around a useless stone MacGuffin. We offer some suggestions and tweaks to make the broken

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Crawl of Cthulhu – The Brockford House

Spoilers for “The Brockford House” scenario below! Available in the Call of Cthulhu Rulebook (2nd through 4th Editions), “The Brockford House” is very similar to the AD&D module U1: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. The adventure starts with the exploration of the Brockford House, our Cthulhu Crawl’s equivalent of a castle keep. This eventually leads to the sub-basement where a stone altar must be tipped over in order to descend into the caverns below. The previous owner worshiped Cthulhu, and Deep Ones serve as the primary Mythos antagonists, and, unless replaced, added thematic elements and clues should hint at their presence.  Below we examine the locations in “The Brockford House” and provide some suggestions to

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Condensing Cthulhu for Cons

From the Mind of Keeper and Lurking Fears Impresario Matt McCloud The first ChaosiumCon is a wrap and we look forward to even more gaming and fun at upcoming conventions this year! As the chief organizer for Lurking Fears, we’ve got plenty of work ahead of us as we register for badges, events, and hotel rooms, but, most importantly, we anticipate playing some fantastic scenarios with our friends old and new. For those of us running these upcoming con games, we face the added anxiety of deciding on an adventure, prepping it, and then actually running it for an audience, which includes both our friends and fellow convention-goers. We know what our friends love, but

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Unspeakably Good – Recapping ChaosiumCon 2022

I learned of the inaugural ChaosiumCon at GenCon in September 2021 and anxiously awaited the official date for months. This would be the first official Chaosium convention and held suspiciously during the company’s 40th anniversary year. The fact that this historic convention would be held in the Ann Arbor area further fired our enthusiasm since we live nearby in the Detroit metroplex. We looked forward to running and playing games just down the road from our house and meeting Chaosium fans from near and far. The week approaching April 8 ran exceptionally slow. Final preparations and home games helped distract us until the day before the convention.    Thursday, Day 0 But we couldn’t hold

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Crawl of Cthulhu – Introduction

Call of Cthulhu entered the roleplaying world in 1981, during the golden age of dungeon crawling.  In the same year, TSR released the module entitled In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords (A4), and The Keep of the Borderlands (B2) had already thrilled fledgling adventurers for two years. While Chaosium’s new creation unleashed the potent combination of investigation and horror, a few early adventures leaned on established conceits born in fantasy roleplaying, including the dungeon crawl. The 40th anniversary of the game brings us the reprinting of the second-edition core rulebook, as well as a collection of early game supplements, including The Asylum & Other Tales and the Shadows of Yog Sothoth campaign. Between the

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The Terrible Triad (or Cthulhu’s Three Pillars)

Whether deep in dungeons, running in dystopian mega-cities, or solving cult murders, every single roleplaying game employs a simple core procedure:  The GM provides a situation. The characters take an action (dice may be rolled or not) The GM describes the results This procedural cycle continues until the scene, session, or campaign concludes. In D&D, 5th edition, the game and this action cycle rest on the Three Pillars, which are defined by the designers as roleplaying, combat, and exploration. Through each cycle, a Dungeon Master and their players rely upon the three driving pillars to fuel their meaningful decisions. Since its inception, D&D has leaned heavily upon combat and roleplaying to direct gameplay, but many

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Want to Run Call of Cthulhu – What do I Buy?

Seasoned gamer looking to finally try out Call of Cthulhu? Played a couple scenarios and want to try running adventures yourself? Trying to decide on the highest yield products to bring this classic investigative-horror game to your table? Ready to jump feet first into Masks of Nyarlathotep as a first-time Keeper? The gaming community provides a wealth of answers to these questions, and we want to briefly weigh-in, in and offer our personal suggestions we provide to folks we run games for at conventions, who ask “what should I buy now?” First, you don’t have to buy anything to play some outstanding Call of Cthulhu modules. Our first two recommendations are the Quickstart Rules and

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Spawn of Azathoth – Ulthar and Beyond

From the Mind of Keeper Jon Hook Welcome back to the Cult of Azathoth. As noted in the previous articles, this series about the classic Call of Cthulhu campaign, Spawn of Azathoth, by Keith “Doc” Herber. This article references the 2005 version of the campaign; the PDF is available now on Chaosium’s website. The rest of this article is full of SPOILERS. You’ve been warned. Previously, I described how the Spawn of Azathoth campaign is comprised of seven chapters, with only the first and last chapters set in place. The players and their investigators explore the mystery however they desire. This article describes the Ulthar and Beyond chapter since it was what my investigators wanted

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