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Robert Huston – A Deeper Analysis – Part 1

While complete at the publication of the first edition, DiTillio’s Australia Chapter remained excluded from the MoN campaign until the 3rd edition in 1996. From the initial release of the adventure, Sir Aubrey Penhew has hammed it up on the center stage as the campaign’s feature villain enjoying a luxury yacht, a volcano lair, and a diabolical nom de plume. We strongly believe that Dr. Robert Ellington Huston deserves a more sophisticated and dramatic role commensurate with his expertise and charisma. Here we discuss Huston, his valuable skills, and options for an expanded role in your MoN campaign.  An Expanded Backstory The young Robert Huston grew up in the shadow of his two older brothers

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Mythos Tomes – Book of Dzyan

Pronunciation: Dzyan – “zon”, also called “The Stanzas of Dzyan” Location: Gavigan’s Secret Room at Penhew Foundation (England) Physical Description: Woven papers bound in goatskin with a distinct smell of sulfur Author:  Unknown, but alleged to be an account of the High Masters of Shamballah Publication History:  Introduction indicated the original text is of Ancient origin. Written in English, but reported originally to be composed in Senzar, a sacred language related to Sanskrit. According to theosophist Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the text is of Tibetan, but some purport the original text originated in Atlantis. Blavatsky published a watered-down version of the text as “The Secret Doctrine” in 1888, which many occultists will be familiar with; however, none beyond

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The Three Mysteries in Masks of Nyarlathotep

  At its dark heart, the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign runs upon investigative fuel to carry your players from one continent to the next. The New York Chapter quickly fills the tank to the sloshing brim for your Investigators starting with an enticing telegram from Jackson Elias followed by his bloody death. A series of rapid-fire revelations following this shocking murder hint at a dark conspiracy. In short order, the campaign serves up the following three discrete mysteries, which should intrigue and motivate the Investigators: the murder of Jackson Elias, the fate of the lost Carlyle Expedition, and the dire global conspiracy. Once in motion, the campaign will continue to propel your group forward, and

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Planning Parties for Erica Carlyle

The New York chapter allows the investigators to revel in the excitement of America’s Roaring Twenties, and the millionaire magnate Erica Carlyle offers some of the best opportunities to experience the decadence and splendor of this setting. You can use a party hosted by Erica Carlyle as a vivid set piece for your campaign. The Old Ways podcast crafted a glorious chapter climax set at Erica Carlyle’s eclipse party. We chose to present our social event as a mid-point diversion from the brewing danger in the New York chapter. You can use Erica Carlyle’s soirees as a venue for violence, a source of sordid Carlyle expedition rumors, a setting for a daring book heist, or

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Chapter Inspiration – China

Investigators arriving in China discover a country undergoing an immense identity crisis as it transitions from its millennia-old dynastic system to roiling political instability, which will see intensifying clashes between nationalist and communist interests. The campaign action centers around Shanghai with a potential trip to Hong Kong to track down Roger Carlyle, as well as the chapter climax appropriately located on Penhew’s volcanic Grey Dragon Island. In the 1920s, Shanghai earned the monikers “the Pearl of the Orient,” and “the Paris of the East” with substantial industrial and financial interests from the West. The discrete American, British and French sectors interacted with thriving local criminal and political enterprises. This rich setting provides the Keeper with

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Mythos Tomes – Song of the Djinn

Location: Misr House -Secret Workroom (England) Physical Description: Manuscript, bound in goatskin with bronze clasp Author: Ghalib al-Sabbah, an aspiring poet and astronomer, originally from Baghdad and lesser colleague of Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Fazari and Yaqub ibn Tariq. He later traveled to Damascus to seek out the writings of Abdul Hazred. Nearly all of his written works were destroyed by Persian authorities. Publication History:  Heretical work published in 797 CE, alleged to be the transcript of a discussion between al-Sabbah and a “scorching fire.” Skim:  The conversations touch on a wide variety of esoteric and arcane subject matter; however, much of the material appears to be extracted from myths, legends, and literature. The text ends with a description

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Mythos Artifact – Mask of Hayama

   A powerful mythos artifact, the Mask of Hayama, can be recovered from the basement of the Ju-Ju House amongst M’Dari’s trove of arcane devices. Investigators may interact with the Mask in several ways depending on their preferred investigative methods, and we will discuss a variety of potential play options for the Mask. Admittedly, in our current campaign, the ever-cautious Investigators chose to immediately store the item in a vault beneath the National City Bank of New York. In past campaigns, however, the Mask featured heavily in chapter-spanning hijinks. Investigating the Mask:  First, should your players choose to determine the origins of the mask, they may use an Anthropology roll or rely on an expert (or “local

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Kidnapped Investigators in Call of Cthulhu

Investigators will face a wide variety of threats throughout the adventures, and, per the campaign book, cultists will frequently attempt kidnappings to allow their superiors to question meddlers before sacrifice or summary execution. While kidnappings can serve to forestall death and increase the drama, they can disrupt player agency and engagement. Removing an Investigator from the game almost guarantees player dissatisfaction, and trying to concurrently run events for the kidnapped and the rescuers during a session can be a real nuisance for everyone. We offer three potential methods to smooth these challenges and create interesting scenarios for your players.  To the Rescue: The first option removes the kidnapped player from active gameplay and operates under

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The Pause

Roleplaying requires constant improvisation by both players and Keepers. The MoN campaign materials provide us with a wealth of material to draw from with many detailed characters and location descriptions, but sometimes we find ourselves portraying bit players or describing unexpected locales.  We frequently discover our groups getting interested in something that may not be plot-relevant or fleshed out. Rather than wave off their interest or block them, we can instead use a whammy (or bang) to institute a pause by interrupting the player’s pursuit of that lead allowing the Keeper inter-session time to engineer campaign links and flesh out a rewarding encounter. Of course, you can skip all that and just improvise, but let

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Mythos Artifact – The Adornments of Nitocris

The resurrection of the dark Queen Nitocris requires three separate magical items, which then serve to protect the restored ruler. The destruction of any of these items will prevent the Brotherhood’s plan; however, these powerful artifacts will not be susceptible to conventional methods, and only one of them, the Girdle, remains outside the protection of the Brotherhood when your Investigators arrive in Egypt. The two other adornments, the Crown and Necklace of Nitocris may be found either at the Altar in the Great Chamber of Nyarlathotep or stored in Omar al-Shakti’s safe. While the campaign books focus on the destruction of these objects, we elaborated upon their magical powers in our game to present a

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