Kenyan Mythos Artifacts

Taan Kaur’s Ring  Location: on Taan Kaur’s person. Description: a thick gold band bearing a red gemstone, a Burmese pigeon’s blood ruby, which flares during the absorption of magic points, as described below. The magic ring is otherwise well hidden amongst the mundane rings adorning all of  Kaur’s other fingers. Use: stores up to 30 magic points. When held against the head of the dying, the ring absorbs half the person’s remaining magic points as it releases a red glow. Grants the wearer immunity from fire and heat.  Depiction in Game: use for dramatic effect in the dark. In particular, it allows the investigators to spot Taan Kaur as she briefly pauses to drain Magic

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Mythos Tomes – The Black Tome

Location: Taan Kaur’s Tea-Shop Cellar in Nairobi Physical Description: Bound in black calfskin with a broken iron clasp Author:  Alsophocus, a wizard and necromancer from the lost and ancient land of Erongill. The text arrives in the 16th century through unknown means.  Publication History: Originally discovered on the shelves of a monastery in 1517, written in a dark and unknown language. A disturbed monk translated the work into Latin before disappearing. Subsequently copied and disseminated amongst the scattered cults of Nyarlathotep. A priest in the Cult of Small Crawler translated a worm-ridden copy of the Black Tome into Hindi over a century ago. The illustrations feature a mixture of hand-traced originals and blasphemous Vedic-style art. 

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