For Players

Art by Patsy McDowell

Dear Friends, 

Thank you for your interest; we are delighted to see you here. Our collection here at Prospero House Publishing remains in its early development, and we hope to have more to offer you in the near future. For the time being, most of our works will be geared to your dedicated Keepers, but we will be adding one post per month for you and your fellow Investigators. In the interest of avoiding spoilers, we recommend you steer clear of Keeper content, but please peruse any posts categorized  “MoN – Player“.  You can always find some helpful and amusing suggestions scattered around the web. We expect to bring you more player-centric content in the near future, and keep an eye on our Facebook posts in CoC RPG groups, as well as our Twitter account (@prosperohouse), for player-related updates. Here is the beginning of our Player Collection:

And remember, your Keepers love you, and none of us would be here without you. Especially since we all heard about the fella that recruited a pod of Mi-Go to his gaming table. His frontal lobe currently lives in a jar on Pluto.

Safe travels, 

Keeper Doc