Mythos Artifact – The Adornments of Nitocris

The resurrection of the dark Queen Nitocris requires three separate magical items, which then serve to protect the restored ruler. The destruction of any of these items will prevent the Brotherhood’s plan; however, these powerful artifacts will not be susceptible to conventional methods, and only one of them, the Girdle, remains outside the protection of the Brotherhood when your Investigators arrive in Egypt. The two other adornments, the Crown and Necklace of Nitocris may be found either at the Altar in the Great Chamber of Nyarlathotep or stored in Omar al-Shakti’s safe. While the campaign books focus on the destruction of these objects, we elaborated upon their magical powers in our game to present a

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Nitocris – Historical & Literary Background

A great deal of drama in Egypt centers around the resurrection of Queen Nitocris, as Omar al-Shakti’s Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh attempts to launch their own world domination scheme parallel to the apocalyptic Gate Opening. Depending upon your campaign and Investigators, this plot may be contained within the Egyptian chapter, metastasize to other locales or serve as a campaign climax after Investigators derail Nyarlathotep’s plans in China, Australia, and Kenya. Whether or not Nitocris features centrally as a villain within your campaign, you can add depth to your story and her character with some additional information concerning her dark history.  The Pharaoh Queen, a true historical figure? A mysterious and legendary figure, Nitocris may

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