Zahra Shafik & Player Dilemmas

At the heart of every good roleplaying game are players making meaningful choices, which lead to exciting consequences, astounding victories, or shocking revelations. Sometimes, those meaningful choices can prove challenging for players to make and may present a dilemma, which is defined as a difficult choice between two or more equally undesirable alternatives. An effectively implemented dilemma can provoke a strong emotional response that your players will return to long after the campaign has concluded. They may view these decisions as campaign crossroads for their Investigators. We think that the England Chapter presents an excellent opportunity to present dilemmas to your players in the form of the crafty, upstart Brotherhood cult leader, Zahra Shafik. Before

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Mythos Tomes – Liber Ivonis

If you wish to see some additional background information related to the Book of Eibon, as well as an aggregated presentation of each tome, proceed here.  Location: Gavigan’s Secret Room at Penhew Foundation (England) Physical Description: Bound in calfskin with an iron clasp, black-edged papers, musty smell Author:  9th century, Latin translation by Caius Phillipus Faber Publication History:  A handwritten Latin translation by Caius Phillipus Faber from the 9th century. No earlier version of Eibon’s original work has been verified or preserved. Never printed, only six bound handwritten manuscript versions are known to exist.  Skim: Written by the self-described “greatest of all sorcerers”, Eibon, this incredibly dense text contains complex diagrams featuring bizarre geometric shapes, which

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