So You Wanna Run Masks of Nyarlathotep?

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Perhaps, you’re a veteran keeper with SAN in the low teens. Maybe you’re a brave CoC novice looking to get your feet wet with what’s been called the greatest adventure RPG campaign ever. Or you’re somewhere in between, staring at that gorgeous Masks of Nyarlathotep (MoN) slipcase sitting on your shelf gathering dust…calling to you…haunting your dreams. No matter, you have found yourself here. So you really want to run Masks of Nyarlathotep? A brilliant question.

This globe-spanning campaign of epic proportions is exactly that. Just massive. And immensely rewarding. You will potentially cover six different locations (not counting Peru) with several optional side adventures. The adventure will require hours upon hours of insanely awesome actual game time. Groups can take over a year (or two!). The scope and scale of this worldwide cult conspiracy campaign present a challenging undertaking to the Keeper, but you know you are up to it. Your primary keys to success are organization and enthusiasm. 

Many will warn an inexperienced Keeper away from MoN, citing its complexity and length. While a brand-new GM with a pristine Keeper Rulebook could benefit from a handful of sessions running CoC games, this in no way should discourage this intrepid lady (or fellow) from pursuing this titanic accomplishment. If you are motivated to tackle the campaign, have a fair grasp of the rules, and some enthusiastic players, don’t hesitate. The latest edition of MoN has been geared for all comers with structure and suggestions to optimize the Keeper experience and effort. New or not, if you aren’t convinced now is the time, stick around and give me a chance to talk you into it.

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