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Nayra’s floating island refuge on Lake Titicaca near Puno


Unlike the rest of the campaign, the Peru Prologue follows a linear track moving from Lima to Puno to the Ruins. Depending on how things develop in Lima, your players may choose to bypass events in Puno entirely. Some random events may serve to punctuate some of the travel time between locations or add some Peruvian spice in the populated locales. As mentioned in our general random encounters discussion, you need not roll on the table, but can simply select your favorite or best-fit event. Instead of using the specific encounter, you could just opt for something similar out of the category, such as a bit of Local Color like some native Quechua-speaking craftsmen hawking their wares on the street. We will provide some brief suggestions for using these events (link below), but encourage you to adapt and innovate as you see fit. Let’s start with Lima:

  1. Random Kharisiri – Either a spotting or a reported attack on the streets. The Investigators may not recognize their features at this point, but may provide foreshadowing. Could be Pedro de Velasco, one of the original Kharisiri stalking Sánchez (p. 64).
  2. Stalking de Mendoza – Spot Hidden can reveal him lurking in the shadows in any number of locations. 
  3. Unexpected Telegram – Important or upsetting news from home for one of the Investigators.
  4. Rowdy Sailors or Tourists – Sailors have wandered far from port. Maybe a possible brawl or just some salty dialogue depending on how players respond. An opportunity for Jackson to show his moves. Alternatively, some tourists lost in Lima after dark. 
  5. Pickpocket – Theft of an important or valuable personal item with a chance to catch the thief. If identification or passport could introduce complications at chapter end. 
  6. Policía – Too many drinks at Bar Cordero and the Investigators may get themselves in trouble, but shouldn’t be anything a bribe or some strong Spanish language skills can’t handle. Could also be police follow-up regarding de Mendoza and/or Larkin.
  7. Food Poisoning – One or all of the Investigators ate something bad, maybe it was that ceviche?  Consider imposing a penalty die or high degree of success for physical skill checks. 
  8. Haunting Dream – One or all of the Investigators experiences a disturbing dream, which may relate to their own past or foreshadow events in Peru or the wider campaign. Consider returning to this dream in future sessions. (Optional SAN loss)

  1. Kharisiri – May lurk or attack (PCs or locals). Can further emphasize the potential threat to Nayra. 
  2. Torrential Rain or Snow – May delay investigation or travel. Snow may serve as a helpful reminder for unprepared groups. 
  3. Angry Locals – May be upset about arrival of Investigators or due to increasing number of kharisiri disturbances
  4. Frightened Children – Respond fearfully to any light-skinned Investigators. With successful coaxing may relay tales about kharisiri.
  5. Folklore Celebration – A colorful celebration where players may hear some of the tales originally reserved for Nayra (p. 75)
  6. Leaking Reed Boat – Solve the problem or swim.
  7. Altitude Sickness – Can call for first CON roll or re-check due to activity. May impose penalty die or require higher degree of success (See p. 72)
  8. Transportation Delay – May be a complication on the road to Puno or arranging pack animals for the journey to the ruins. Can allow time for de Mendoza and/or Larkin to catch up.

  1. Kharisiri – May lurk or attack. May instead discover a kharisiri victim hidden along the trail. 
  2. Lost/Injured Mule – Results in travel delay and/or lost supplies of your choosing.
  3. Snake Attack – Refer to Australia Chapter (p. 478). May be in tent, sleeping bag, boots or backpack. May be poisonous or simply large.
  4. Rock Slide – May be a dangerous active event or a barrier to circumnavigate or remove. You may require an Engineering or Navigation roll to solve the problem. 
  5. Powerful Winds – May result in lost items. Consider adding ill smell or faint, strange voices to the wind, especially if close to ruins. 
  6. Puma Spotting – Jackson points out the creature represented the power of the earth to the Incans, and Andean locals may consider the puma a snatcher of souls or a helper of the people. Consider providing players extra Luck or a bonus die for the rare spotting. Incorrect natural world rolls may identify the animal as a jaguar. 
  7. Altitude Sickness – Can call for first CON roll or re-check due to activity. May impose penalty die or require a higher degree of success (See p. 72)
  8. Bad Water – May contract a tropical illness, as described in the campaign book (p. 401). Consider requiring a CON roll for a random or all Investigators. May allow Medicine rolls to treat. May instead find an abandoned or escaped kharisiri larva if close to the ruins.  

 Link to Peru Events Sheet 

Keeper Alvaro and his bold Investigators enjoy a session at Bar Cordano

Thanks to Alvaro Roberto Díaz Apac, Peruvian Keeper, who provided some useful insights regarding his country. In particular, jaguars are not native to the  Andes, but relatively common in the Amazon.

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