Mythos Tomes – Book of Dzyan

Pronunciation: Dzyan – “zon”, also called “The Stanzas of Dzyan”

Location: Gavigan’s Secret Room at Penhew Foundation (England)

Physical Description: Woven papers bound in goatskin with a distinct smell of sulfur

Author:  Unknown, but alleged to be an account of the High Masters of Shamballah

Publication History: 

Introduction indicated the original text is of Ancient origin. Written in English, but reported originally to be composed in Senzar, a sacred language related to Sanskrit. According to theosophist Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the text is of Tibetan, but some purport the original text originated in Atlantis. Blavatsky published a watered-down version of the text as “The Secret Doctrine” in 1888, which many occultists will be familiar with; however, none beyond Blavatsky herself have reported seeing this “Book of Dzyan.” Some scholars, including Max Müller, allege her discovery to be a forgery. 

Madame Blavatsky with co-founder and first president of the Theosophical Society, Henry Steel Olcott.

Should the Investigators attempt to trace the origin of this version of the Book of Dzyan, you may wish to point them towards 16th-century occultists and astronomers Edward Kelley, Gerardus Mercator, and John Dee. Perhaps the antiquarian Robert Cotton reassembled the text in English after unearthing a tome buried on John Dee’s land. 


Those familiar with Blavatsky’s works will discover little connection between this text and her reported discoveries; however, it does contain a collection of teaching arranged in lengthy stanzas, which described the evolution and subsequent degradation of consciousness. Shockingly, the difficult to parse text claims that sentience originated on an astral body called “Vellaros” (Venus) and ends on Earth. Enlightened “angels” raised humanity on the primordial Edenic continents of Hyperborea and Atlantis. 

Following these revelations, the text discusses a series of histories and prophecies, including the rise and fall of numerous civilizations, notably in North and South America, including the Incans and Anasazi. In recounting the razing of cities and slaughter of innocents the book refers to summoning horribly monstrous creatures (see Spells).


Summon/Bind: Dark Young, Byakhee, Dimensional Shambler

Contact Nyarlathotep: Available in several texts. If they have already discovered or learned this spell, Investigators may immediately recognize it. 

Connection to the Broader Campaign:

Refers to Nyarlathotep on several occasions in the form of the Black Pharaoh. Will also mention an “evil god” falling from the sky and landing in the highest of waters inevitably leading to the destruction of an empire (Father of Maggots). You may wish to use the prophecies to foreshadow the opening of the gate and the importance of the spell “Eye of Light and Darkness.” 

Thorough Reading: 

The prophecies contained in the Book of Dzyan may be used to foreshadow locations and their role in the Great Plan. It may also be used to emphasize the importance of “Eye of Light and Darkness” in preventing The Gate Opening.

Black Pharaoh and Nitocris:

“Arising from his slumber the Dark One emerges from his crypt. Looking upon the desolation, He steps forward to greet his Ebon Goddess. He shall stride the Blue and White waters, entering the doomed world to rain endless horrors upon the weak.“


“A force of beckoning Chaos, bestride the hot mountain, wrapped in foul wind, with terrible tongue bathed in blood. His obscene Spawn shall tear wide the firmament releasing the Great Cataclysm.”


“Beneath the desert sands lies a Great City, once lost to time. Here the Beast haunts the dark awaiting the power to rise once again. He shall open the Void and his brethren shall spill forth to ravage this world.”


“Beneath the dormant mount, the Servants shall unleash a great fire upon the Heavens ripping the sky asunder. Their frenzied, blasphemous orgies will call forth the ravenous Old Ones to feed freely on this cursed plane.”

Eye of Light and Darkness:

“With the blood of an innocent and the will of the brave, the priests stood high above the land, chanting over the great stone. The red pupil blazed bright as they secured the Dark place once more. Now spent, they gathered their dead and descended slowly into the dawn.”

Thorough reading can reveal a means to contact the Crawling Chaos through the description of his many forms.