Egyptian Mythos Artifacts

The Mosque of Ibn Tulun.

As befits the rich history of Egypt, the chapter contains a multitude of artifacts for investigators to seek out and recover. In addition to the Adornments of Nitocris, two additional items center around the resurrection plot, including the Sword of Akmallah and the Circlet of Nata Haje. The investigators also potentially receive a gift from a priestess of Bast in return for their aid during the sidetrack scenario, The Black Cat. While none of these items serve instrumental roles in the campaign, they offer added protection to vulnerable investigators in their perilous adventures.

Sword of Akmallah

Location: Ibn Tulun Mosque

Description: a four-foot-long curved sword closely resembling an Afghani pulwar with an exquisitely crafted Damascus steel blade forged around a strange inlay. The unusual material extends the length of the blade towards the beautifully carved. The inset material resembles ivory, but is, in fact, the tooth of a massive bhole. The blade’s original craftsman is unknown, but a Sufi warrior mystic recovered the weapon from the Dreamlands (a place known to the Efti and his fellow ulama as ‘ard al’ahlam) shortly before his death in 1565. On close inspection under moonlight, the gleaming blade features a combination of Arabic and unidentifiable ancient script with many complex geometric patterns. A successful Cthulhu Mythos roll identifies the true nature of the weapon. As below, Kafour helps further research the blade, and visitors to the Dreamlands (Old Bundari) potentially recognize its origin.

Use: as a weapon that deals 1D8 + 1 damage with the option to spend 1D4 POW to gain an additional attack for one round (if playing Classic). Always does damage to supernatural beings, including those normally immune to mundane damage. At Keeper discretion, investigators may spend 5 MP and 1D3 Sanity Points to channel Nessim Efti and use his skills, potentially drawing the attention of nearby Mythos creatures. Consider adding this effect when the investigator party lacks members capable of speaking Arabic or fails to acquire (or loses!) their guide. Investigators holding on to the sword find it appearing in their dreams, which proves both revealing and unsettling as they relive some of the weapon’s most harrowing encounters. 

Depiction in the Game: belongs to Nessim Efti, the 90-year swordbearer and most revered of Ibn Tulum’s venerable ulama. The ever-vigilant wielder of the sword transmits their knowledge through waking dreams. Dr. Kafour recognizes the blade as a powerful weapon described in Al-Azif as the Dark Queen’s Bane. This revelation points toward the weapon’s ability to destroy the mummy, as suggested in the campaign book (p. 360). If the investigators help prevent the Girdle’s theft and plan to safeguard or destroy the item, Efti considers gifting his powerful weapon to a fitting champion. Should the Hunting Horror succeed, Efti either dies or surrenders the sword in penance for his failure. If the investigators do not participate in the defense, searching the aftermath at the mosque permits them to recover the sword. If the Keeper wishes to restrict the use of the sword to this chapter, Ahmed al-Dhahabi surfaces at an appropriate time and requests the sword returned to Ibn Tulun for safekeeping.  

Note: the MoN Companion also contains an excellent section of the Sword of Akmallah providing great depth to its history and function. The use and description of the sword provided here allows the Keeper the option to combine both depictions. 

Token of Bast’s Regard

Location: Temple of Bast, as a reward for returning the stolen scrolls containing the Black Rites of Luveh-Keraphf without harming any cats. 

Description: a simple carved pendant of black granite in the form of an Egyptian cat, approximately 2 inches (5 cm) in height, hung from a plaited leather thong. The crude carving belies the imbued power of the charm. 

Use: magically draws the affection of any felines encountered by the owner, including wild cats, while providing protection against cat-demons. When worn, cat-demons only attack the wearer in self-defense. If the bearer harms a cat, refer to page 653 to address the consequences, which depend upon whether the individual wears or simply possesses the amulet. Most importantly, the offender earns the hatred of every cat they encounter, including wild cats, which potentially appear during the journey to the Mountain of the Black Wind or at Colonel Endicott’s lodge. 

Depiction in the Game: useful in Egypt to provide protection against Omar al-Shakti’s cat-demon, Hetep, which is always found near the Brotherhood’s leader. Potentially useful to repel or detect the cat-demon when attempting a break-in. Useful in China to provide protection against Wu the cat-Demon in The Demon Cabinet sidetrack scenario (page 545). The amulet warns of the presence of cat-demons Optionally, wearing the token permits the investigator to perceive the true nature of the cat-demons with an opposed POW roll, which provides advantageous knowledge at the cost of a Sanity roll. Note, this alters the course of the above sidetrack scenario, but adds an interesting twist if only one or two investigators perceive the cat-demon.

Circlet of Nata Haje

Location: after the resurrection of Nitocris, on the bare left upper arm of Sharifa Rawash. Prior to her resurrection, the location of the item is up to Keeper discretion, and possibilities include on the Nitocris’ mummified remains or in the possession of Omar al-Shakti, perhaps in his safe (page 347), or at the Great Chamber’s Altar (page 356).

Description: magical circlet crafted of gold, alabaster, and onyx in the form of an Egyptian cobra, which constricts against the skin of the wearer. Once in place, the gold prong fangs extend to bloodlessly bury themselves in the arm of the owner.  

Use: provides protection against snakes, which never bite the wearer. Spending one or more magic points (up to ten) results in the summoning of a single live Egyptian cobra during a combat round, which measures one foot (30 cm) per magic point. If ten magic points are spent, the powerfully venomous cobra bite results in 2D10 damage. Otherwise, the venomous bite results in 1D10 damage. If an ally is bitten by a poisonous snake, the wearer may neutralize damage by spending 3 magic points per 5 points of damage.