Introducing Our Investigators

As these player characters will be the first to make frequent appearances throughout our writings here, as well as our campaign narrative, we would like to take a moment to provide you with a brief introduction to them with linked character sheet PDFs should you wish to plunder them for ideas or backup characters. 

John Sloane

John Edgar Sloane , dilettante: As a teenager, he lost his wealthy parents in the sinking of the Titanic. Went on to become a star football player at Yale before serving in the Great War. Now 26 years old and haunted by his childhood and trench experiences, John continues to live fully in the dark alleys of North Africa and brothels throughout Europe. His lust for a new distraction brings him to Peru. 

Tip Palmer

Lyndon “Tip” Palmer , elected official:  A 58-year-old disgraced former politician from Baltimore thrown out of office several ago by his ungrateful constituents. For the past year or so, he’s been looking for an adventure to tell his kids about that doesn’t involve the word “indicted.” And he’s always wanted to try a real Pisco sour.

Irina Martin

Irina Martin , librarian: Brilliant and inquisitive, this 36-year-old librarian has reached the pinnacle of career opportunities afforded to her in New Orleans and dreams of opening her very own bookshop and pursuing her interest in Louisiana’s deep occult history. She impulsively leaves her job to join the Larkin Expedition in search of the means to realize her goals. 

Lucia Fraschini

Lucia Fraschini , engineer: A 25-year-old Italian engineer by training, but a Grand Prix race car driver by profession. Lucia is confident and intense with a penchant for excitement and novel experiences. She believes Larkin’s promises of lucre could fund her latest motor innovations. 

Arthur Dibden, MD

Arthur Dibden, MD, surgeon (campaign pre-gen): Served in the Royal Army Medical Corps for over 20 years, including the Great War. Lost his childhood sweetheart during childbirth and subsequently buried himself in work and service. Traveled through the Americas, offering medical assistance during the Spanish Flu, now finds himself intrigued by the Larkin Expedition.

You can find an introductory first installment of their adventures in Peru here.

Character Art by Giacomo Mascellani