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Mythos Tomes – Song of the Djinn

Location: Misr House -Secret Workroom (England) Physical Description: Manuscript, bound in goatskin with bronze clasp Author: Ghalib al-Sabbah, an aspiring poet and astronomer, originally from Baghdad and lesser colleague of Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Fazari and Yaqub ibn Tariq. He later traveled to Damascus to seek out the writings of Abdul Hazred. Nearly all of his written works were destroyed by Persian authorities. Publication History:  Heretical work published in 797 CE, alleged to be the transcript of a discussion between al-Sabbah and a “scorching fire.” Skim:  The conversations touch on a wide variety of esoteric and arcane subject matter; however, much of the material appears to be extracted from myths, legends, and literature. The text ends with a description

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Mythos Artifact – Mask of Hayama

   A powerful mythos artifact, the Mask of Hayama, can be recovered from the basement of the Ju-Ju House amongst M’Dari’s trove of arcane devices. Investigators may interact with the Mask in several ways depending on their preferred investigative methods, and we will discuss a variety of potential play options for the Mask. Admittedly, in our current campaign, the ever-cautious Investigators chose to immediately store the item in a vault beneath the National City Bank of New York. In past campaigns, however, the Mask featured heavily in chapter-spanning hijinks. Investigating the Mask:  First, should your players choose to determine the origins of the mask, they may use an Anthropology roll or rely on an expert (or “local

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Kidnapped Investigators in Call of Cthulhu

Investigators will face a wide variety of threats throughout the adventures, and, per the campaign book, cultists will frequently attempt kidnappings to allow their superiors to question meddlers before sacrifice or summary execution. While kidnappings can serve to forestall death and increase the drama, they can disrupt player agency and engagement. Removing an Investigator from the game almost guarantees player dissatisfaction, and trying to concurrently run events for the kidnapped and the rescuers during a session can be a real nuisance for everyone. We offer three potential methods to smooth these challenges and create interesting scenarios for your players.  To the Rescue: The first option removes the kidnapped player from active gameplay and operates under

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The Pause

Roleplaying requires constant improvisation by both players and Keepers. The MoN campaign materials provide us with a wealth of material to draw from with many detailed characters and location descriptions, but sometimes we find ourselves portraying bit players or describing unexpected locales.  We frequently discover our groups getting interested in something that may not be plot-relevant or fleshed out. Rather than wave off their interest or block them, we can instead use a whammy (or bang) to institute a pause by interrupting the player’s pursuit of that lead allowing the Keeper inter-session time to engineer campaign links and flesh out a rewarding encounter. Of course, you can skip all that and just improvise, but let

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Mythos Artifact – The Adornments of Nitocris

The resurrection of the dark Queen Nitocris requires three separate magical items, which then serve to protect the restored ruler. The destruction of any of these items will prevent the Brotherhood’s plan; however, these powerful artifacts will not be susceptible to conventional methods, and only one of them, the Girdle, remains outside the protection of the Brotherhood when your Investigators arrive in Egypt. The two other adornments, the Crown and Necklace of Nitocris may be found either at the Altar in the Great Chamber of Nyarlathotep or stored in Omar al-Shakti’s safe. While the campaign books focus on the destruction of these objects, we elaborated upon their magical powers in our game to present a

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Nitocris – Historical & Literary Background

A great deal of drama in Egypt centers around the resurrection of Queen Nitocris, as Omar al-Shakti’s Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh attempts to launch their own world domination scheme parallel to the apocalyptic Gate Opening. Depending upon your campaign and Investigators, this plot may be contained within the Egyptian chapter, metastasize to other locales or serve as a campaign climax after Investigators derail Nyarlathotep’s plans in China, Australia, and Kenya. Whether or not Nitocris features centrally as a villain within your campaign, you can add depth to your story and her character with some additional information concerning her dark history.  The Pharaoh Queen, a true historical figure? A mysterious and legendary figure, Nitocris may

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Mythos Artifact – The Mirror of Gal

Adorning the luxurious lounge in Zahra Shafik’s posh apartment above Empire Spices, the Mirror of Gal, hides in plain sight. This mysterious reflective surface functions as both a scrying device and a potentially deadly weapon. The mere possession of this valuable magical item insinuates Shafik’s power and influence in the London Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh. By presenting this incredibly powerful artifact as a compelling item of interest, it can become a key element in the England chapter, which offers a variety of interactions and outcomes. Here we offer some thoughts and suggestions for incorporating the Mirror of Gal into your campaign. Before your Investigators ever see the artifact, you can hint at its existence.

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A Visit to Hotel España

Jackson declined Tip’s next round of Pisco Sours, and escorted Trinidad back to her dormitory before retiring to Hotel Maury to update his notes and work on his manuscript. As the bar crowd thinned, the Investigators took the opportunity to speak freely amongst themselves and weigh their situation.  John remained distrustful of both Jackson and Larkin, “I’m not sure I can trust either of these stories. Death-cults! Fat-sucking vampires! Perhaps this Jackson fellow is trying to scare us off the gold. I’m damn well not backing out of this excitement.” Irina, a solid judge of character with a keen interest in the occult, implored the group to believe Jackson, “He seems completely honest, and, I

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Random Events – England

The main campaign should be a sandbox for your Investigators to explore, choosing what leads to pursue, cultists to investigate, and NPCs to interview. The England chapter provides a wide variety of locations with plenty of colorful encounters to spice up their pursuit of the London Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh and interrupt their investigation of the cultists’ global plot. Random events can promote improvisation on all sides of the table while dramatically disrupting or redirecting the investigative trail. You may choose to roll or select an event from the table before the session and then challenge yourself to find a suitable moment to incorporate it. We will start with events for the central location

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Roleplaying in Call of Cthulhu Campaigns

Call of Cthulhu adventure campaigns can differ from other styles of play within the setting, notably one-shots or a campaign composed of multiple modules linked together. From our standpoint, adventure campaigns can shift the heavily story-centered focus to include more character-propelled narratives. The classic Call of Cthulhu adventure campaigns, most notably Masks of Nyarlathotep, but also Horror on the Orient Express and Beyond the Mountains of Madness, provide a longer format in which the players can become attached to their character. The Pulp Cthulhu ruleset now allows the replacement of squishy Investigators with durable, robust Heroes further lengthening character longevity. This allows players to potentially enjoy roleplaying a Call of Cthulhu character for an extended

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