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Mythos Tomes – Wondrous Intelligences

Location: Mortimer Wycroft’s shop (beneath his bed) Physical Description: Bound in faded red leather, some water damage and well-thumbed. Faded writing within cover reveals the book is property of the University of Sydney.  Author:  James Woodville, a successful merchant and later itinerant Puritan preacher, who lived in England during and after the English Civil War.  Publication History: English, 17th century. Very few copies of this blasphemous text exist.  Skim:  An ill-organized, maniacal but highly detailed religious text recounting the visions, dreams, prophecies, and teachings of Woodville, as well as graphic justification for his unusual sexual practices. Poor quality woodcuts accompany the disturbing text, and include depictions of strange conical “angels”, which represent a physical manifestation

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In Search of Player Engagement

While wasting time on social media recently, we came across a comment deriding gamemasters for complaining about how hard their job is. We certainly believe running a game requires a great deal of time, effort, and organization, which ultimately culminates at the table. Whether running a published campaign or just-in-time homebrew, you expect some payoff during the session. How does a gamemaster measure that return? We tend to look for player engagement. If a player shows up, plays, and wants to play again, then we feel satisfied at the end of the day. This relationship with engagement, though, remains complicated and requires examination so that gamemasters set reasonable expectations for themselves and their players.  Before

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Spawn of Azathoth – Providence

From the Mind of Keeper Jon Hook Welcome back to the Cult of Azathoth. As noted in the previous article, this series about the classic Call of Cthulhu campaign, Spawn of Azathoth, by Keith “Doc” Herber, will be full of spoilers. Also, I’ll be referencing the 2005 version of the campaign because it is the most accessible. The rest of this article is full of SPOILERS and spiders. You’ve been warned. The campaign begins in Providence, Rhode Island, in May 1927. It is assumed that the investigators are acquaintances of Mr. Philip Baxter, a retired professor of archaeology for Brown University. Baxter is also a founding member of the Tuesday Night Academy, an esoteric club of academics. For my game,

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Spawn of Azathoth – Introduction

From the Mind of Keeper Jon Hook Welcome to the Cult of Azathoth. My plan for this series of articles is to describe how I upgraded the classic Call of Cthulhu RPG campaign, Spawn of Azathoth, so I could run it with 7th Edition rules for the Into the Darkness players on their YouTube channel. You can find my run of this campaign here. This series of articles will contain spoilers for this campaign. You’ve been warned. If you’re a player who hopes to play in this campaign, please send your Keeper here; it’s my hope that they’ll find the inspiration here to run this most excellent campaign.  The Spawn of Azathoth campaign, (also known

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Mythos Monsters – Hunting Horror

“Stars swelled to dawns, and dawns burst into fountains of gold, carmine, and purple, and still the dreamer fell. Cries rent the aether as ribbons of light beat back the fiends from outside. And hoary Nodens raised a howl of triumph when Nyarlathotep, close on his quarry, stopped baffled by a glare that seared his formless hunting-horrors to grey dust.” H.P. Lovecraft, Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath Originally mentioned in The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, these ravening terrors serve  Nyarlathotep as flesh-tearing hunters and intimidating totems of his dark power. Numerous elements of the published campaign provide Keepers with opportunities to incorporate the hunting horror as a prominent, recurring menace throughout all chapters. While every Nyarlathotep avatar

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Tip’s Cocktail Hour – New York

“Make your mark in New York, and you are a made man.”  -Mark Twain “Everybody came. Everybody came to the Cotton Club.”  -Cab Calloway Have you ever taken a trip that started off so badly that you wanted to just turn around and go home, but you stuck with it out of principle or some other high-minded rationale — only to find that somehow the end of your trip was even worse?  I’m speaking today of our investigative cabal’s second journey: a fateful trip to Gotham that began with a brutal cultist murder and ended with a cascade of horrors and unspeakable mayhem, with property destroyed, sanity eroded, and countless lives lost.  But other than

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Mythos Tomes – The Black Tome

Location: Taan Kaur’s Tea-Shop Cellar in Nairobi Physical Description: Bound in black calfskin with a broken iron clasp Author:  Alsophocus, a wizard and necromancer from the lost and ancient land of Erongill. The text arrives in the 16th century through unknown means.  Publication History: Originally discovered on the shelves of a monastery in 1517, written in a dark and unknown language. A disturbed monk translated the work into Latin before disappearing. Subsequently copied and disseminated amongst the scattered cults of Nyarlathotep. A priest in the Cult of Small Crawler translated a worm-ridden copy of the Black Tome into Hindi over a century ago. The illustrations feature a mixture of hand-traced originals and blasphemous Vedic-style art. 

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Announcement – Our Production Changeover

Friends, Those of you following our site have likely noticed the slow-down in posting over the past couple months. Here at Prospero House, we are still bursting with ideas and enthusiasm for Masks of Nyarlathotep, but we have placed our own campaign on a temporary hiatus. Our Keeping and creative efforts are now intently focused on another Call of Cthulhu project. We have several novel scenarios in development, as well as ongoing research and writing dedicated to a new play setting for the Interwar period.  We apologize for leaving our effort here incomplete for the time being, and will endeavor to drop in a new article here every so often. You can expect to see

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Peru – A Gruesome Discovery

Following Lucia’s intense pace, the group finds itself rapidly descending a poorly lit staircase into a dimly lit, long stone corridor. Dim electric bulbs buzz overhead, and as they approach the end of the hallway it’s clear the door at the end of the hall appears slightly ajar. Pausing for a moment, they hear nothing through the crack in the door. Peering into the room, the visibility remains limited due to low-light and packed shelves.  Tip leans carefully in, takes a deep breath, and begins to tiptoe forward, gesticulating for his compatriots to follow him and sneak down the side aisles as he approaches the middle. Suddenly, a low, gross squelching sound can be heard,

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Mythos Tomes – Équinoxe Divisé

Title Translation (English): Divided Equinox Location: Gavigan’s Secret Room at Penhew Foundation (England) Physical Description: Hand-written and illustrated medium-sized manuscript with untrimmed, worn pages bound in soft calf leather Author:  Ghyslain d’Aramitz, a French merchant, colonial administrator, and explorer. The great-grandson of Henri d’Aramitz, lay abbot of Aramitz (1620-1674) and the historical basis for Aramis of Dumas’ Three Musketeers.   Publication History: Single copy, written in French and completed in 1807 as a memoir Skim:  Recounts his experiences traveling around the world with an interest in detailing and comparing various regional customs and beliefs in locales he visited, including North Africa, Asia, and Europe, as well as a substantial amount of text devoted to recounting unusual regional farming and hunting practice with

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